• Do you have what it
  • takes to marry
  • everyone in sight?

You'll have to think fast and sweet-talk even faster to complete this epic love quest! You wake up all alone in the desert with only one thought in your mind: "I have to get married right this minute!" Luckily, a nearby building bearing the sign "Fangamer: Suite 33" is filled with potential significant others! Seek them out and woo them until you've captured their hearts! Who knows, your walk down the aisle might just be FANtastic!

Players: 1
For use with the PC and Mac Entertainment Systems
  • *Fall in love with your favorite Fangamers!
  • *Learn the secrets of levitation!
  • *Explore the depths of the warehouse!
  • *Enjoy a chat with the twins!
  • *Find all 15 or so endings!
  • *Locate hidden characters, like the elusive Tomato!
  • *Find key items and use them to your advantage!
  • *Unlock 7 achievements!
  • New employees to talk to and marry!
  • New horrifying endings!
  • New items!
  • New music! Including new tunes from Space Boyfriend and Toby "Radiation" Fox!
  • New secrets!
  • Better PC compatibility!
  • A talking mushroom!

Download Sweet 33!